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Workshops at skatepark

This year’s workshops will be held both on level -4 and on level -2, at a designated area between the skate rental and the National Stadium pitch entry. The detailed schedule of all workshops is available on the official project website – – in the “skatepark” prompting.  Information about the classes themselves can be found on each of our partners’ official websites, the links to which are also available on and in a dedicated Facebook event.


Types of workshops:

  • Skateboarding, taught by Go Skate and Board4Kids groups
  • Rollerblading, taught by I Love Rolki association and Rollschool, Black&Yellow
  • Longboard classes are taught by Longboardmania riding school.
  • Surfing classes are held by Surfing Academy.

Workshop registration

Choose your discipline. The next step is to choose one of our partners by clicking their Internet address, which will automatically direct you to their official website where you will be able to register for the workshop of your choosing. It is also there that you may register for an individual lesson.



Below we present a list of all partners participating in building the infrastructure and, more importantly, the wonderful atmosphere of “Winter National Skatepark” project.


  • Surfing Academy

It has been our objective for 10 years to educate and professionally perfect the skills of our teammates.  We teach surfing and skateboarding classes.  We also teach to swim, maintain balance and be safe.  We draft comprehensive curricula combining activity and leisure, free time and learning, which is why our pupils are carefully divided into age groups, so that the curricula are as individually suited as possible.  The Academy’s team represents Poland at the Junior World Cup.  Our training staff comprises Poland champions whose task it is to develop and prepare young talents for surfing and skateboarding tournaments during the 2020 Olympics.

Tel.: 731 553 335


  • Board4Kids – Skateboarding school

Three Boards, One Passion and it is this passion that we share with the kids believing that #SkateIsFun.

Board4Kids – a skateboard is one of those boards and that’s where it all started! We’ve created an unusual skateboarding school, your skateboarding school. The school which, apart from having fun, focuses on your child’s development. The classes are taught based on three principles: fun, continuous development and individual approach. We offer individual and group lessons at various proficiency levels.

Tel.: 602 766 506

  • GoSkate – Skateboarding school

We animate the skateboarding culture, we provide conditions for safe and methodical riding.  It is our ambition for your people to learn to skateboard under the supervision of experienced instructors, not just glimpsing at the Internet’s self-taught riders. Our instructors are skateboarding practitioners. The scope of trainings is adjusted to the age, skills and physical capabilities of the participants. Be our guest and join us for individual and group lessons for children, youngsters and adults. We also organize skateboarding winter holidays or skateboarding birthdays.

Tel.: 512 124 343


  • LONGBOARDMANIA – longboarding school

Longboardmania is the first longboarding school in Poland.  Excellent riders are affiliated with us.  We teach individual and group classes.  We rent equipment. We organize longboarding trips, we promote longboarding at field events.

Tel.: 505 224 866


  • Rollschool – Rollerblading school

Rollschool is a professional rollerblading and rollerskating school established in 2013. Rollschool is a collective of licenced instructors –  experienced and passionate riders. Rollschool organizes trainings, workshops and events related to rollerblading. We are the official rollerblading school and the partner of Nightskating Warszawa

Tel.: 508 276 832


  • BLACK & YELLOW SKATING – rollerblading school

Black & Yellow Skating, a young rollerblading school which has been on the Warsaw and Białystok markets since June 13, 2016.  We teach rollerblading and help hone your skills during group and individual classes, starting with the basics of proper rollerblading movements, finishing with specialist disciplines, such as Freestyle Slalom, Freeride or Slide. We offer classes for children, adolescents and adults.

Tel.: 510 128 639, 514 509 270


  • I Love Rolki – Rollerblading school

It’s a nationwide project carried out by rollerblade aficionados with the view to popularize this sport by teaching free workshops. It’s also a rollerblading school where everyone, regardless of their age and skills, will find something for themselves.

Tel.: 503 996 689


  • California Skateshop is a store in downtown Warsaw

Skateshop carries classic skateboards, longboards, cruisers, rollerblading equipment, as well as street wear. We have supported and organized skating and music events for years. We are currently one of the best-equipped skate shops in Warsaw.

Tel.: 22 825 81 05


For more information about the skatepark click here.