Companies wishing to make the most of the communication potential and to ensure their brands’ exposure are welcome to join Winter National.


It is the fifth year in a row that Winter National surprises its guests with a cornucopia of attractions and a number of interesting ideas to actively spend leisure time in the winter.  The greatest winter attraction of the capital which is aimed at everyone – children, youngsters and adults.

Our guests are greatly interested in Winter National attractions and they hold them in high regard.  It is here that attendance records are broken every year! Last year alone we were visited by more than 500 000 people! This year we’re open from November 30

Winter National is an ideal place for effecting marketing and communication strategies, holding events, meetings or sales.

We offer our assistance in organizing and co-creating strategies and developing ideas for exposing your brand at Winter National.


    Jerzy Stradomski
    tel. +48 500 605 600
    Marta Kiercz
    tel. +48  505 166 070